What is the best prevention to NOT get the Corona Virus (COVID -19) infection?

What is the best prevention to NOT get the Corona Virus (COVID -19) infection?

from Dr. Walter Lipke,
MD Germany/Kenya 18th March 2020 

It is simply BREAKING THE CHAIN by staying away!

Source: open source from internet.

Therefore, what most Governments around the world do and say is very much correct:

They counsel and command people to stay away from each other as ever possible, not visiting large congregations of people, like not visit church meetings, no market places public meetings, no school or university visits etc and tell you to best stay home in your families and avoid any contact to others as best as possible.


How does it help?

Scientist tell us that the virus can only stay outside the body on most surfaces like clothes, blankets, scin, in cars, in houses etc. for mostly only 12 hours due to surrounding temperature. Than the virus dies. 


Such the infection chain of this highly infectious virus disease can be broken by all these actions that most governments take to break down the infection from the very beginning.

Since we differentiate 5 phases of dealing with the Corona Virus pandemia in most countries so far, lets point them out:

  1. Incubation 
  2. Panic
  3. Isolation
  4. New start 
  5. Normalisation 


This is what a recently performed study among the population of Bejing/China, Rom/Italy, Berlin/Germany and New York/US showed clearly and what most countries have gone  through so far. 

Scientists say we are in stage 4 of spreading of the virus in China, the disease there is getting more under control, as we are In stage 3 in America and also in stage 3 in Europe by today. 

Afrika by today is only in stage 0 or one, meaning some countries have single digit cases, like Kenya has 7 cases, Uganda one case and today (18.March 2020) only 18 countries out of the 54 of Pan- Africa report cases at all.

Learning from China, US and Europe how to handle the crisis by crowd control actions, means Africa has a great chance to get control from the very beginning,

IF the population is following the advice of its Governments and take this disease very serious!