Today’s threats and challenges of the people in Nairobi/Kenya.

Today’s threats and challenges of the people in Nairobi/Kenya.


from Dr. Walter Lipke, MD Germany/Kenya

Action needed fast now – let’s fight hunger and disease in Africa together! 

“If the coronavirus, doesn´t kill me, hunger and unemployment surely will.” says Josef a day to day worker in the field.

He is 27 and walks every single day from Ongata Rongai to the center of Nairobi. Its was Ongata Rongai where the first cases of coronavirus infection where documented just a few days ago.

Meantime all universities and schools in Kenya are closed due to Government order and order of the president.

If Josef is looking for work now at the gates of a university, there is none to be found. And he is just one of the 10 thousands of people that are leaving the suburbians of Nairobi every morning by matatu or by feet to travel to the center to look for work or stand in midst of the crazy traffic trying to sell car equipment, food and water or whatever can be sold. Its hairdressers, nannys, mechanics, bus drivers, floor sweepers, watchmen and women and many many more jobs and jobseekers.


Like Josef many of them have come to Nairobi from their different countrysides where there was no work and no future to be seen for them.

They all hoped coming to Nairobi makes THE difference in their lives.

It does not. Especially not now in times of corona crisis where everything is shut down to reduce and hinder the spread of the COVID-19 disease.


While Nairobi and other cities like Mombasa have a high risk of running very soon into Italian conditions and nearly no chance of keeping social distancing of 1 meter or two, it would even be better to be in the countryside by now.

By now already a travel ban is enforced by the government and travel is heavily restricted if not impossible.

People are deadly afraid, several campaigns are up to better inform than

on the virus, its spreading, its prevention and its therapy, but it will take time to inform the about 50 Million inhabitants of Kenya.

Especially unlearned and unschooled people in the countryside are starting to riot the measures taken wisely by the government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus countrywide.


Since on March 13. 2020 a kenyan student coming in from the Us brought the virus in to Ongata Rongai, she living near Masai Lodge together in small rooms with others, transmitted the virus to others soon and panic arose especially in the surrounding areas and people started panic shopping, emptying the shelves of supermarkets fast. Prices on certain foods since then have skyrocketed.

Some foods have run short.

In addition by action of the governments not only bars and pubs have closed down but also smaller food supply stores and looming around is tried to shut down as best as possible.

It will surely need the military on the streets to enforce the law to all Kenyans as some do not understand or – likewise in Europe – do not want to see the necessity to change their social behaviour and closing down on contacts and gatherings.

It also hard especially for believers of all different faith to not go to mosque or visit churAnd that only works if the internet is stable enough.


The Kenyan health care system is not to efficient even in normal times of life. The government has started to equip special hospitals in the cities especially for the corona crisis, but Kenya is facing the same problem as other EU countries did and do: hospitals are not meant to face many thousands of patients at the same time, e.g. for ventilations services.

Beside that, very many Kenyans have no insurance cover and will not even be able to see a doctor or hospital when the have the symptoms of infection.

Such as the situation is piling up day by day with more patients diagnosed positive, urgent need for support from our western countries arises and we need to act very soon now.

Any your support financially or in any form is highly appreciated and is  guaranteed to reach the poor.


If we think of all the thousands of people sitting along the main roads of Nairobi selling self made toys or plants or whatever, they all will lose their income and due to their immense losses will have to be supported by public feeding for the poor.

This is exactly what our and associated organisations do – they inform and support while our

gives out food to the poor and needy.


More than ever we need your help and support to give to those people that are starving on hunger and have no future in this crisis.


To my experience of the last 10 years on the ground in Africa, we cannot wait for others to give, but WE NEED TO DO IT OURSELVES. If it wouldn’t be for the many family organisations from Germany and other countries on the ground for many years, the world and the daily life for those mentioned here would be much worse.


About 17 Million Kenyans live in the cities, they have heard many news and face news on the coronavirus already.

Therefore it’s so important to have a neutral, independent and scientific based source like for valid information.


Income is as low as 40 to 90 Euro monthly and only the new middle class has income from 250 to 500 Euro monthly, while the rich with top income can be worth 1 Million Euro and more.

Such self isolation is not possible for those with lower income, cause whow would they survive?

Especially for those with a basic chronicle disease it is not possible to survive the crisis without help.

Your donation to our charity organisation at is most appreciated. 

Me and my family guarantees that every Euro of donation will reach the addressant and the project donated to. 

Let’s stand together as one! 

Kind regards 

Dr. Walter Lipke Germany/Kenya 

Chairman and President of the Board