The African Continent and the Upcoming Corona Crisis – Reflections on How and When the Crisis Can Be Mastered

The African Continent and the Upcoming Corona Crisis – Reflections on How and When the Crisis Can Be Mastered


From Dr. G. Walter Lipke, MD Germany/Kenya 22nd March 2020

This article is based on scientific facts, but also reflects personal opinions and concerns of the author.

Dr. Walter Lipke is actively involved in future-shaping activities on the African continent for about 10 years now. He loves Africa. He and his family are engaged in shaping a better future for Africa and the world through charity and business activities.

Dear business partners and friends;

The past 3 months have shown the many dimensions via which the coronavirus disease, scientifically known as COVID-19, can affect a country and the society at large, in terms of health, the economy, and other sociological influences.

We have seen the virus starting in Wuhan China, spreading all over China very fast, being battled by Top Chinese Government decisions on quarantine and treatment of multitudes. While writing this article today, China reports NO new infections in the country. But the process took approximately three months, from the first cases to today. Thousands of lives were lost, many severe cases were reported, some could be saved. The real number of how many were infected in China at all is – as in other countries – not completely known, since all our measures to identify those infected only work on several modes of actions and are reported to be effective by 5-10 % only. That means that the real number of infections maybe 10 to 20 times higher, which would bring down the infection to death ratio to below 1%

Whereas statistics from Italy, between yesterday and today, shows that in about 30,000 reported cases, 3,000 victims have passed on, bringing the infection to death ratio to 10% – much too high for what everyone would like to see happening in any country of the world.

It looks like we have understood the basic modes of infection (droplets), the different ways the disease can occur – from NO symptoms to severe and deadly lung shutdowns and death, we know which target group is mostly endangered – elderly people, those with multimorbid diseases, if young or old, and those with immune suppression of any kind, we have learned that some known medication can support a healing process – IF used right under strict clinical control and not just taken by citizens as they think they should – for example in Nigeria where uncontrolled self-medication (alternatively known as drug abuse) has led to unnecessary deaths. 

We have learned that this is NOT the disease of the white man – as South Africans thought in the first place, but that crowd control measure of Governments – such as restricted movements, quarantine, shutdowns of the economy – can break the infection chain and can hinder the virus to spread from human to human till it dies outside of the human body. We know we have to disinfect surfaces – especially those in contact with multitudes – most often as possible since the virus can stay from 12 hours on clothing materials to 9 days on metallic surfaces, which are inevitable where there are multitudes.

Now with all this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the African continent and its challenges, risks, and opportunities to fight the COVID-19 pandemic NOW.

The African continent comprises 54 different countries with different Government policies, from democratic rulership to what can be called a dictatorship. In this crisis, both may have their advantages and disadvantages as you may see for yourselves.

Due to the mode of rulership, different actions and measures can be taken faster and more easily or not. This we can also easily see and recognize if we compare the way the Chinese are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic compared to the EU’s.

In any case, the awareness of the population of a country of the severeness of this disease and its pandemic spreading is a key issue that’s crucial for the future.

Any action to sharpen this awareness and any NON-appearance media communication, therefore, must be highly welcome in these times.

We DO NEED facts and figures, based on the scientific finding in the first place NOW and continuously.

We need to address the population in the different countries in an easy and understandable way and give them best practice examples of what this virus really is, how to prevent it and how to treat the infected.

As a way to show support and share best practices, methods, and fact-based knowledge about the coronavirus, my team and I have created the platform to share facts and figures especially to my homestead Kenya and of course, to other African countries. Here we only publish proven facts and figures and latest trustworthy scientific results.

We have observed in the countries of Europe lately that the younger population, despite our Government warnings here, aggregate for different reasons such as partying and hanging out.

As such, this age group has brought us a complete shutdown and restriction of movements that would have been unnecessary in a society where everyone cares for the other person. As the average age of death toll in Italy was 79,5 years, young people may carelessly think, “so what? I don’t care, I’m not in danger after all”. But let’s think twice here.

Is this the outcome of a lawless society that is least interested in caring for the aged ones? If so, it’s about time to make amends, since in some years YOU will be the aged one and THEN nobody will care about you.

Is this what we want the society to normalize? Most definitely not.

Because this shows the soul of a society and any, that is careless with young or old handicapped or less fortunate members of its society is NOT IN A GOOD SHAPE – both morally and economically.

Believe you me, this crisis touches the core of society and reveals its true underlying nature! If you’re a risk-taker, it’s the best time to think twice, whether you’re in the risk groups or not.

Since this virus spans the young and the old, you may be a prime target of the virus by tomorrow already.

We have different numbers of people living with HIV in many countries around the globe. On average, Africa is reported to have a 70% rate today. So nearly anybody is at risk.

We are happy to see, that the virus COVID-19 seems to spread slowly in African countries by now, but there is the impending danger of a spike in infected cases week by week, besides all good measures that your Government has taken already or will take.

We find that educated people seem to be more sensitive and more accepting of the warnings, while uneducated people in the countrysides of Africa have started a riot against the orders of their Governments.

There are great people on the ground trying to help, to instruct, to educate, like some of my dear colleagues which I very much admire. Go on with the good work, you will be saving lives in the end for sure. I am in contact with some of them on the African continent and I feel blessed to know them and I am very proud of them.

As we go on we wish to support them and others as best as possible, not only with a website with good, and validated counsel and worldwide latest results – it needs much more.

How do you educate people to wash their hands at least with soap for 20 minutes to avoid infection when there is no soap and NO WATER or restricted access to it?

How do you instruct victims to stay apart at least one meter or three feet when they live in the slums with 20 people in ONE room at night?

How do you counsel a victim to see a doctor when they feel their lung ventilation is restricted, alongside other symptoms of COVID-19 if they lack any money to pay for the visit and the medication?

We need to do much more in real ACTION for the African continent if we do not want to risk to see eventually a disaster that could come up just in a few weeks from now.

We do not want to see happen what happened in Italy, right?

Italy has about 60 million people today, the African continent has about 1.2 billion that need to be safe. Imagine what needs to be done NOW. Before things get worse and out of hands.

This article is very timely and is not only meant to create awareness but to care for our family, friends, colleagues and the unknown people in the streets q Nairobi, Mombasa, Lagos, Johannesburg, Kampala, Addis Ababa, Stone town and everywhere else across Africa. 

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Let us unite our forces and activities to avoid a coronavirus tsunami rolling over some of the wonderful African countries and its inhabitants or even over the whole great African continent. I do not want to imagine such a disaster and its terrible impact on generations to come.


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