Is the last wave of the pandemia yet to come AFTER the virus?

Is the last wave of the pandemia yet to come AFTER the virus?

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By Dr. Walter Lipke MD and Strategic Management consultant for governments and fortune 500.

Is the last wave of the pandemia yet to come AFTER the virus?

There could be a major economical shut down. 

We need to stand together and prevent that by all means. 

Now is the time to act. 

As the pandemia rolls from China over the rich western countries to the third world countries a szenario is on the horizon that no ones wants to see come true. 

Death toll is up from China to now even in the rich countries of the west. 

While China is recovering the pandemia roll towards Africa with first double digit cases in several countries of the African continent. 

While even much developed countries like Italy with a well functioning healthcare system and everyone served well by the system despite all this seem to have a high death toll rate, one may ask what will happen to African countries where health care systems are not functioning as well and most citizen have NO health insurance coverage and, well, cannot even afford to see a doctor and take a test on COVID-19 ? 

In the western world states and countries have a good chance to recover and Governments enable HUGE funds to put into the recovery of the economic systems easily – all this will not be able for most countries on the African continent. 

States that have been fragile even BEFORE the pandemia of COVID-19, will have a pretty hard time to recover from the shock if at all they will. 

In those countries there is no such solution as home office, digital schooling or online studies at online universities, there is no social network, no basic Versorgung and rarely an middle or upper class of society that can take or will care of the poor and needy or the underdock. 

And such solutions as the west proclaims as social distancing – how can and will those ever work in the slums of Africa? 

How will day to day workers get any income in a total shutdown situation? 

At the day where social and healthcare systems will collapse in such countries because of the pandemia and unemployed people start starving without help, there is a  a high risk of rioting and destabilisation, even of civil wars to come up. 

The western countries will be touched by this as well. As countries become unable to pay back debts and new. stronger waves of refugees and migrants will knock on Europe borders. This is considered to be the LAST WAVE OF THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIA. 

Nobody wants to see this happen for sure. 

How can we prevent such situations to come?  

There is only one way to do so to my opinion: 

Give third world countries hope and a future, help governments to change situations for their citizens NOW. 

The EU and other financially strong global players should support: 

  • The establishment of production inside the country to give sure and steady work and income to people in their home countries
  • The roll out the necessary funds to governments, social entities inside and outside the countries to help bringing solid structures to the ground
  • Globalization and depending on import of ready products from Europe or China has done no good to those countries in the past, bringing them more and more into dependency – but on the other hand, what other options did those countries ever be offered. 
  • Even strong charity work will not help for long – if its not planned to enable people and support them in a startup phase with a goal to create independent economical units that will be able to stand alone, steady and sure in the near future.  
  • So the way forward seems to be: Create local, regional, independent units that stand alone and give work to multitudes inside and outside the country. Make sure that products are manufactured regionally for the region and the country. 

That will avoid a repetition of today’s experience of a worldwide shut down like we see with COVID-19 pandemia right now. 

Lets learn from today’s experiences for shaping a great future for the countries of Africa. 

Now is the time. Lets shape future together. We are ONE WORLD. 

God bless.