How to do a storage for your household?

How to do a storage for your household?

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by Dr. Walter Lipke Kenya/Germany 26th March 2020

What do you do in case of a regional or nationwide shut down and no ability to get any food from anywhere for weeks?

It’s very possible that governments in Africa act as they do around the world, initiate a complete shut down for days or even weeks to gain control on the spreading of COVID-19 again.

Such shut down need some preparation to survive. We have seen that in some regions food order or even shopping will still be possible and in others EVERYTHING is shut down completely.

In a case of a complete shutdown of up to 4 weeks you will need a good storage in your house.

This following list does not provide a luxury life, but is based on the absolute minimum a person needs.

Minimum supply list on household storage for food

  • A sufficient amount of water 1,5 l per person per day for drinking or taking as soup or tea or coffee
  • Wheat, rice or other like maize flour to prepare for your energy, for ugali or baking bread in your own house
  • It’s good to have some dry soups, salt and some spices for taste
  • Store some fat ( about 100 g per person per day)
  • Not necessary is meat and fresh vegetables, but it’s good if you have some in your garden. It will make your food nicer to take.
  •   protein can be taken by beans or peanuts or other nuts available, those are usually cheap and more easy to get and if dry, can be stored for a long time as whole wheat and other corn also can.
  • toothpaste and toothbrush (very important and often forgotten)

of course you need additional water to wash your clothes and yourself, staying clean is very important, but for this evben rainwater can be used.

This is a minimum supply. After getting all this as a basic, we still had some money and time, so we decided to add more grains i.e maize,rice,beans,green grams, dried peas,bar soaps,toilet paper,cooking oil, petroleum jelly,salt etc. to it, so everything would be of more variety and last longer in our household.

For your calculation see this example: 

If you have 6 people in your household you need 300g of green gras or beans per person for every day.

Calculate like this: 300g x 6 people x 30 days supply = 54 kg of for a month supply.

So it adds up to 54 kg of rice, beans, green grams

and 50 x 6 people x 30 days supply = 9 kg of cooking oil or sugar


Checklist for an 


for KENYA and Africa 

March 2020 


  1. Nutrition 

Dry foods :

– rice

– spaghetti

– pasta

– flour

– maize mill

– beans

– green grams

– powder milk

– long life milk (Has 5 months expiry)

– breakfast cereals

– etc



Kitchen supplies:

– salt

– sugar

– bottled dry spices

– ketchup ( Has 12 months expiry)

– cooking oil

– Water – drinking & cooking

– Water guard


  • For those with a kitchen garden space – seedlings for sukumawiki, spinach etc


*Avoid foods that need refrigeration*


  1. Medication 

– Paracetamol

– Anti-diarrhoea meds

– Inhalers

– Other meds – Gout, Bp, Diabetes etc

– Menstruation pain meds

– Functioning First aid kit

– etc


  1. General sanitisation & personal hygiene 

– Pads

– Vinegar

– Jik

– Methylated spirit

– Masks

– Gloves

– Soap

– Portable/pocket sanitisers

– Water – laundry & bathing


  1. Communications 

– WiFi prepayment

– Phones airtime

– Cable TV prepayment


  1. Energy & Light 

– Extra prepaid electricity units

– Extra gas

– Meko

– Jiko

– Charcoal

– Torches (chargeable elec & solar)

– Batteries

– Candles

– Matches/Lighters

– Generator

– Extra diesel for generator

– Cars at full tank + reserve tank


  1. Finances

– Float in hard cash

– Float on Mpesa (most robust & available mMoney service) & EquiteL

– Float on both debit & credit cards


  1. Evacuation Plans

– Plan for different scenarios suitable to your personal situation .


  1. Others :

– Key emergency, hospitals & security contacts

– Books

– Board games

– Drinks


Note: This is a general guide – please customise it  to your specific needs!


If possible get a little more of storage, than you will be able to help others that are not as blessed and may lack the money or opportunity to store anything. Remember, who, that shares, will be blessed by the lord. That’s why giving is more blessed than taking! 

God bless you.