How can you personally avoid to get an infection with coronavirus?

How can you personally avoid to get an infection with coronavirus?

from Dr. Walter Lipke,
MD Germany/Kenya 18th March 2020 

Maximise your self-quarantine!

If allowed in the country where you live and if possible for you, get a

storage of some food and drinking water for 2 to 4 weeks. Do not support panic shopping activities!

Than stay home at all, if possible and do not get into contact to other people.

By now the big hope is, that if the corona virus cannot spread from one person to the other, but has to stay outside of the human body, it will die and the spreading of the disease comes under control.

See chart A,B,C and D groups.

Source: open source from internet.

NOTE: the less cases have an infection, the less people become seriously ill and the less people pass on in any tribe, county and nation.  

Actually it looks like even severe cases of infection could be handled IF there would be enough medical ventilators and supporting drugs and places in hospitals. But this exactly is the problem, even in Europe and US and such even more in Africa. Hospitals do have a limited amount of ventilation beds.

SO NOTE: PREVENTION COMES BEFORE THERAPY, if you do not get the disease, you will have no need of a hospital therapy and can leave those beds for the sick and needy!