A Third Way of COVID-19 Infection Discovered?!

A Third Way of COVID-19 Infection Discovered?!

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By Dr. Walter Lipke, MD, Kenya/Germany

NEW WHO announcement on infection with the coronavirus!

Beside the two well known modes of infection

with the virus, which are

  1. Contact with objects that have the virus on it
  2. Inhaling droplets emitted by sneezes and coughs

Scientific investigations now have shown a third way of infection.

This third infection route and mechanism can be seen as the key how the virus is spread so fast around the globe.

How does it take place?


Experiments with groups of researchers with high sensitive cameras have shown:

Sneezes and even loud talking in a close range conversation emit a lot of small size microdroplets that even stay in the air for quite some time. It’s not yet know what volume of microdroplets leeds to the coronavirus infection, but scientists now say they cannot rule out that those microdroplets have even spread the virus to some extent.

Once these microdroplets are out and in the air, people around us will inhale them and such the virus is spread. It seems like these droplets can be effective for the infection of another human just waiting in the air for about 8 hours till someone breathes them in. The risk of infection with microdroplets becomes even higher in closed spaces with less ventilation. Lab simulation show the movements of microdroplets in an enclosed room. Even if a person coughs once and spreads about 100.000 droplets, microdroplets continue to float through the room for even more than 20 minutes staying totally in place in the rooms air and every person entering that airspace now will be exposed to the coronavirus infection.

But there is a way to prevent infection: Opening windows and increasing air circulation is believed to be effective!

When you open a window – microdroplets are quickly swept away since they are very small and light, every airflow will get rid of them! Its create two openings and a stream of fresh air – that lowers the risk of infection considerably.  


Besides the two well known ways of infection with the coronavirus Pandemic which are getting the virus from contaminated surfaces or through people in your social surrounding that sneeze or cough close to you, a third way has been discovered by scientists, that seem to illustrate why and how the virus can be so virulent and so easily transmitted: it’s the way of the virus to stay in the air for up to 8 hours and be infectious to anyone entering the airspace especially in not well ventilated rooms.


Stay healthy and save and keep social distance – even the best protection and prevention still is to stay home.

Be safe. God bless.